Framed Slatwall



Lots of companies make slatwall panels and free standing slatwall display fixtures, and we do too.  But sometimes, you need to display your wares in limited space.  Or, maybe you want to arrange your wall in an artistic, decorative way.  A giant slatwall panel, or a full wall covered in slatwall, doesn't always fit with your design.  Just like a free standing slatwall fixture doesn't always fit in the floor space you have available.

That's why we came up with these framed slatwall options.  They look great on your wall, and they are big enough to display several items.  They are perfect for your "company store", or for restaurants and bars to display their logo merchandise behind the reception counter or bar.  They are also great in a series on a large wall, providing depth and interest to an otherwise flat space.

They are easy to hang, and strong enough to handle most anything you hang on them. 



$235.00 Each + Shipping

Please note that this price assumes a standard, available laminate or paint.  Special order laminates may require additional charges.


 Each piece measures 48" by 24", and can be made to hang horizontally or vertically. 


 A variety of wood grain, colored, or textured laminates, are available, or they can be painted to match your decor.  The frames can be the same color/grain/texture as the slatwall, or finished in a contrasting color.